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I connected with Acacia through a photographer/model networking group on Facebook.  This was one of my first shoots, I remember being extremely nervous for this.  I did a TON of planning for this shoot, I was kind of intimidated to work with Acacia because at this point she was the most experienced model that I've worked with.  I definitely wanted to prepare as much as I could so I didn't look lost while shooting.  I spent hours (not exaggerating) on Google Maps trying to find a location.  After an exhaustive search, we decided to shoot at Lincoln Park.  

The day of the shoot came, I remember feeling nervous, but I did so much prep work that I felt pretty confident that everything  was going to go smoothly.  


I'm walking toward the pedestrian bridge over Lake Shore Drive to meet Acacia.  I have my camera strap hanging off my shoulder and as I go to extend my arm to shake hands I hear the most horrific noise.  Somehow, my camera strap slipped off my shoulder and my camera crashed into the concrete below, the lens cap flies off a few feet away.  Great, what an excellent way to start a photo shoot.  All that prep work I did to not look like an idiot was basically a waste of time because I made a fool of myself before even exchanging a single word.  

Luckily, the camera wasn't damaged and the shoot went on as scheduled.  Everything went pretty smoothly until towards the end of the shoot when I went to pick my camera bag off the ground and all the contents of it (lenses, flash, batteries) fell out.  I must've forgotten to close the zipper.  UGH.  Fortunately, nothing was damaged.  

What I learned from this shoot:  

Remember to breath