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Before this shoot I seriously contemplated on whether or not I should continue working on the photography business.  The shoot before this one was really tough on me.  I think I overplanned/over thought everything and it stressed out to the point that I was getting physically sick.  I even spent some time in an emergency room and saw a GI doctor because I was literally getting sick to my stomach.  

I decided to take some time off of anything photography related.  I didn't decide how much time to take off, I just knew that I needed to do some soul searching.  

Time passed, I hadn't taken a single photo in two months.  Then, a 90 second video showed up on my Facebook newsfeed.  It was a clip of a vlog that Gary Vaynerchuk creates.  He was on stage doing a speech, he was talking about failing.  During the last 10 seconds of the video, this is what he says:

A) I don't give a **** what everyone thinks.

B) I'm gonna learn from my failures.


After watching that video, I decided to start shooting again.  I realized that I was overplanning/over-stressing for shoots because I didn't have faith in my abilities as a photographer.  The only way to build my confidence was to keep shooting.  So I reached out on a networking site to see if anybody wanted to do a shoot.  I quickly got a response and we set up a day to shoot.  Her name - Faith.

IG: @faith_hastings

FB: Faith Hastings